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1. Do you provide training?

We do not provide training – our teams consist of a volunteer with their own pet dog or cat. In our experience pet therapy animals are usually born with the required temperament though some basic obedience skills are required.

2. My Doctor is recommending I get a service or assistance dog, can Caring Paws Animal Therapy help?

We are not a service or assistance dog organization and cannot assist with these inquiries. Caring Paws Animal Therapy is comprised of volunteers who visit with their own personal companion animals. Please contact an organization that trains/certifies service or assistance pets.

3. I don’t own a dog, can I volunteer?

Please contact our team leader as we may have non-visiting roles for you. You may participate with evaluations or fundraising activities.

4. My child is afraid of dogs, can you bring a therapy dog to meet him?

Unfortunately we can not conduct any individual visits to a home or park, etc. We conduct all of our visits through partnering with local facilities such as nursing homes, hospitals, schools, libraries etc.

5. What is the cost of your programs?

Our programs are provided free of charge.

6. I am a therapist, can you certify my dog so he can assist me in my professional practice?

We evaluate and certify those dogs who will be volunteering through Caring Paws Animal Therapy . We do not provide certification to people wishing to use their dogs as part of professional therapy services.

7. My dog has a wonderful temperament but no formal training – will he pass the evaluation?

If your dog has good manners and a friendly and outgoing temperament he will most likely do well. Please contact our team leader to discuss the evaluation in more detail.

8. My parent is living at home and could benefit from a visit from a therapy pet. Can you visit?

Our teams are not able to visit in private homes. If your parent visits a day program, you may wish to discuss the possibility of having a pet therapy team visit there.

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